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So you're having a baby...

Noah and I were talking last night about having a baby and parenting and he said he meant to tell you how grateful he is for giving him the encouragement and confidence to be a part of the birth and not just see it happen....I thought you should know the impact that you've had in our lives. ~Anonymous

I don't even want to think about what my daughter's birth would have been like without...classes with Paula and Nate.  Walt and I were SO grateful to have had such great preparation.  I was able to have the natural unmedicated birth I wanted: my husband had learned to be a wonderful coach and we both had learned the importance of relaxation during labor.  Thank you for equipping us to face labor and birth as a calm, informed, strong team so that our daughter could come into the world without the complications of medication! ~Kimberly and Walt


Welcome to our website!  We are glad you are interested in having a Better Birth in Manhattan, KS!

We love having babies, and we love sharing what we know about birth. Since we co-teach, you will get the added benefit of an experienced father's perspective on the birth process.  

In our classes, you will learn how to have a safe and beautiful birth, and your baby's father will learn how to support you in pregnancy and how to be your advocate and coach during labor.  By the end of the class, he will be CONFIDENT in his ability to help you through the birth and make informed decisions with you.

Click on the other tabs for more information about our classes.

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